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Our Story

The beginning of Wolf-Run Nursery began quite by accident.  We were always interested in plants and trees, not mowing grass.  We had at the time a good size yard which had to be mowed and we would take turns and sometimes argue over who would mow.  Then I made the suggestion to create a back yard natural habitat.

The first area was basic and simple a white and pink Cornus Florida, a contorta, some evergreens, holly and ferns.  The area turned out nicely and really attracted the birds, since the planting provided coverage.

From that point things just snow balled.  Mark became very enthusiastic about plantings and before long we had paths of stone, lots of rocks formed into gardens, a pond with Koi, a bridge, more exotic plants, dawn redwood, umbrella pines, and lace maples.  Mark's love of plants grew and so his knowledge had to match.  Hence forth the classes he ensued diligently to become all he could become.    Classes at Longwood Gardens, Penn State, etc brought about his becoming a Master Gardner and PA Certified Horticulturist.

In about 1995, the idea of a nursery was born.  Plants were ordered, plans were made followed by a lot of hard work.  Wolf-Run Nursery was named because of Mark's wife Karen's love of wolves.  The nursery has grown in clientele which has brought about notoriety through the interesting and unique land art that Mark Priebe, owner/operator of Wolf-Run Nursery has brought about.  Mark is a very hard worker who with an employee has taken on many jobs not to mention his volunteer time to Master Gardeners, the Rock Garden and the Hort Club.  Yes, Mark's efforts are breaking dawn in a new and exciting form of Land Art!